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10234 Escondido Canyon Road, Agua Dulce
              Pet a baby alligator? Sit at a picnic table and have “lunch” with a baboon? Stroke the soft fur of a kangaroo? Allow a monkey to inspect me close up and jump on my head? Rub the belly of a wolf hybrid? Feel the scales and the strength of an albino Burmese python? Hear a cockatoo “sing” (more like yelling)? Touch an armadillo, skunk, serval, fennec fox and more???!!! YES! Make tracks to Animal Tracks, one of the best animal encounters I’ve ever had.
              Our tour started off with seeing (not touching) scorpions and a huge, ugly African bull frog (think Jabba the Hutt - no, really), then touching the 14 foot python. Then, onto mammals including possums, ferrets, a skunk, porcupines, raccoons, cavies, a Bengal cat, a pig and the critters I previously mentioned. Note that the animals you actually encounter are up to staff discretion. Most of the animals you can touch (but not all) and as you do, or even as you just look at them, the staff is doing an incredibly wonderful job of explaining all about the animals, as well as why they are here since they are all rescues and can’t be returned to their natural habitats. Many were kept illegally (and foolishly) as exotic pets. I learned so much, was overjoyed with being able to actually handle such animals and I appreciated the cleanliness of the cages. Each animal is lovingly trained to be social so that visitors have a unique experience and are educated about them. All tours are by reservation only. Tip: Look at the grocery wish on their website before you come and bring some food for the animals when you do.
              A public tour is one where anyone may come; a private tour is just you and your party. Here are just a few of the tours offered (check the website for others): The Ranch Tour, for ages 13 and up, is a two-hour tour of the facility where you might have a hands on experience with reptiles, ferrets, an armadillo, opossums, a fennec fox, wolf hybrids, cavies, a pig, a serval, kangaroos, and Chrissy, the baboon. The tour is $45 per person for the public tour; $100 per person for a private tour. The Monkey Experience, for ages 16 and up for the public tour, ages 10 and up for a private one, is a one-hour time of monkeying around by possibly interacting with capuchin monkeys, a squirrel monkey and the baboon. This tour is $85 per person for a public tour; $125 for a private. Children’s tours, which can be for all ages though geared for ages 8 and under, is a one-hour experience to meet some of the most popular animals (but not monkeys). It is $25 for ages 13 and up; $20 for ages 2 - 12; children under 2 are free. Note that VASQUEZ ROCKS (pg. 90) is just down the street.
Hours: All tours are by reservation only.
Price: Prices for some of the tours are listed above.
Ages: 2 years and up, depending on the tour.